ETEC 530 – Educational Technology Leadership

“Prerequisites: ETEC 523, or consent of the instructor.
Examines leadership related to implementation of educational technology in education. Theory, knowledge, and skills necessary to use, evaluate, plan, and implement technologies in education system. Examines broader issues including security and cyber ethics.”


Facilitation of an online discussion

This assignment required facilitation an online discussion on beachboard (Blackboard). This was done to give us the experience of setting up the online discussion forums. We had to create questions that were appropriate to the readings and have them posted online with a sufficient amount of time so that the students in my group could respond to them. The second component of this assignment was to create a report reflecting on our facilitation of the discussion.

Mission and vision statement

For this assignment we had to create a personal vision statement and then compress if to the vision statement of and organization that we belong to. I compared my “vision statement” to the mission statement of IALLT.

Scenario Plan

This assignment required a bit of creativity. This assignment required us to create 3 scenarios that represent the state of educational technology in the year 2025.

Final Project

The final project for ETEC 530 was  to either find an apply for a grant, create a leadership development plan, create a community partnership plan, or create a 5yr technology use plan. I decided to create a Leadership Development Plan, which is a technology staff development plan set at Pomona College for a period of 1 year including an evaluation component.


The projects for this class were very interesting and quite inline with my previous concepts of educational leadership. The course had us find the organizational chart of the institution that we worked for and see how were connected within the institution. This along with creating a vision and mission statement allowed us to see how institutions and function and how they are supposed to function. All of the activities I felt were aimed towards those goals and I learned quite a bit from them. The readings on the other hand I found most of them to be too new age for my taste. While the short books and journals had important lessons to be learned on how to be an effective leader I could just simply not relate to them or found that the authors to be either too touchy felly or were really reaching to make their connections. The texts (Leading with Soul, Thinking in Systems, and Leadership and the New Science) might be interesting to read for others.