ETEC 695 – Seminar in Educational Technology

“Prerequisites: Successful completion of all required course work for the Master of Arts in Education, Option in Educational Technology.
Studies in educational technology including reviews of literature, critique of educational technology research, and systematic development and evaluation of areas of students’ prior work.
For qualified candidates preparing for the comprehensive examination. Application for enrollment must be made by March 1 for summer session or fall semester or by October 1 for spring semester. Letter grade only (A-F). May be repeated to mximum of 6 units.”


Literature Review: The literature review allowed us to identify a topic regarding recent developments in theory or practice related to educational technologies. The topic I chose was video games usage in the language classroom.

Annotated Bibliography (Leadership): The annotated bibliography was the last major assignment for the course. The annotated bibliography I crated was on the leadership portion of the reading list. This bibliography was also to be shared among the other students in the course so that we could all use it as a resource to help us prepare for the comprehensive exams for our Masters degree.


The course provided the means to combine all of the skills and theory we had learned from all of the previous courses. Having us do a literature review towards the beginning of the class, a la edp520, got us in the mind frame that we would be re-reading several articles (granted they were mostly the ones we had already read in all of the previous courses). After this assignment we were primarily working on studying and prepping for the comp exams, which included giving a presentation to the rest of the class on our section of the reading list. In addition the practice prompts that we had allowed us to pull together all of our knowledge from the previous courses to address the prompt correctly. I did find that sometimes the prompts were a bit confusing, in that it seemed like the ideas and theories from a few different courses would apply, but one had to read the prompt carefully to ensure we used the correct theories.

As far as the Comprehensive Exams were concerned, I found the prompts to be about as difficult as the practice questions that we had worked on throughout the semester. I didn’t find them too be too difficult, but they were challenging enough to the point that I had to call upon all of the different theories that I had learned through out the program. The layout of the exam I found to be somewhat annoying. I can understand not leaving when there were only 15 minutes remaining since that would be come disturbing to the rest of the test takers, but not being able to leave and go to the break area if we were done with enough time was annoying. I don’t see the rational behind that. As long as the break area is closed and you can’t communicate with any others that might go to the rest room, that should be an issue. The no leaving policy was the same as with the Writing Proficiency Exam, both annoying. The rules leading up to and during the exam definitely fits with in the stereotypes of the “Education Field.”