ETEC 551 – Education and the Internet

“Prerequisites: Either ETEC 411, 444, equivalent experience satisfying the California Level I computer technology standard, or consent of instructor.
Survey of educational applications across the Internet; characteristics of teaching and learning mediated through the Internet; analysis and design of Internet-based learning activities; design and development of online courses; implementation, management, and administration of online learning.
(Seminar 2 hours, Laboratory 2 hours)”


Some of the assignments for this class included:

Making an online survey for any “educational issue” using any online tool of our choosing and a write up of the results.

Comparing the top LMS’s used in America and come up with our oen recommendations for CSULB in response to some of the complaints to the system we were using at the time, blackboard. The goal was to “Imagine you are being consulted by the CSULB administration and they are asking for your recommendation for their future LMS.”

Creating a 4 minute long E-Book

Reviewing a book (Book Review: Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts, and other powerful web tools for the classroom)

Evaluating an online website/software. I chose to review the BBC’s language learning site.

The final assignment was to find an existing online course and revise it (redesign it) based on what we had learned in the course. I chose to redesign MIT’s OPENCOURSEWARE course for German.


This class proved to be a challenge because of all the projects we had to create. This class had 17 small weekly projects plus a final project. While the individual assignments were not too difficult some required a significant amount of time to complete. In this class we had to learn Dreamweaver, which is nice to know, but again time intensive. The majority of the projects were internet related, as the course title would imply and was important to see how all of these online tools can be used in the classroom. I found that this was an essential class for the program, because of the significant number of tools that we had to learn, which are used a lot in the classroom and on the internet.