ED P 520 – Quantitative Research Methods in Education

“Prerequisites: For majors in MA in Educational Psychology: ED P 419 or equivalent. For other majors: ED P 400 or equivalent.
Examination and application of quantitative educational research methodology including research designs, sampling methods, inferential statistics and hypothesis testing, and the structure and content of a research proposal.
Letter grade only (A-F).”


Research Proposal created for determining the effects of multilingualism in a college level language course and whether having a section(s) of language courses specifically for multilingual students would be effective.

Presentation that we created to present our research proposal to the other students in the EDP 520 course.


While I enjoyed the ED P 520 course, the coursework that I did was not at all related to the field of educational technology. For the course I decided to re-focus on the field of foreign language education/pedagogy, which I believe the rest of the class found interesting during my presentation since everyone else was strictly focusing with in the fields that are offered by the College of Education. Overall I didn’t find this course difficult even after having skipped the prerequisite for taking this course, this is probably due to having an MA in German Studies, which involved a significant amount of reading and writing. EDP 520 was definitely intended to be a writing course, since we had to do plenty of research and present incremental reports on the research we were doing, which was combined at the end of the course to create our research proposal. I thoroughly enjoyed this course and it did help me refresh my critical thinking and writing skills, which I felt were beginning to get rusty since leaving the German Dept.